Inktober- Stepping Away From the Eraser

I have never been much of an inker. In fact the lack of an eraser I find a bit intimidating. Which is really kind of funny considering my preference for watercolors.

Well in honor of Inktober I have done a couple of ink drawings. Very little, if any, pencil planning was done on these. As I was challenging myself to step away from the eraser and just let art happen.

On this wolf I used Micron pens in black and sepia, as well as a sanguine brush pen and a touch of sanguine Prismacolor pencil. But my set up was very minimal lightly sketching out the eyes, snout and tips of the ears before jumping right on the inks.

For my merganser I did a rather quick drawing with a sharpie a last week. Using a calendar photo as a reference. This was my first inktober drawing and was where I started to test putting down the eraser.

I plan on doing at least a few more ink drawings this month to stretch my skills and comfort level. Up until now ink has been something I used sparingly in watercolors to add tiny details. Maybe in the future it will become more.

WIP- Osprey drawing part 1

There are many stages to a work of art. Many of mine begin with a walk in the woods. My sweetie and I spend countless hours hunting with our cameras. Sometimes what we capture goes into the vast collection of all that we have seen, sometimes I use them drawing practice and just do quick sketches that never see the light of day, sometimes the make it into a larger work of art as an element in the background. Then every now and again I see a photo and say I must paint that!

Here is one of those instances. We caught this shot of an osprey in flight with her meal. Everything about it is so powerful I knew it would be my next painting.


Normally I would do a pencil drawing around 8×10 or 9×12. If I were feeling really industrious maybe 11×14. Then possibly complete a painting in watercolor. From the moment I saw this I thought it needs to be done in oils, and larger than my normal size. So I busted out the big Bristol and got to setting up what will hopefully be an 18×24 inch oil painting when I am done.

I start by getting a very light sketch with blue pencil just to get my proportions and landmarks correct.


Once I get that established I start to lay in the shadows and details.


I don’t know how long it will take me to get the drawing completed. Tonight my drawing was halted by an orange and stripey distraction.


Oh well maybe I will get some more completed tomorrow night.