Painted Bone Pendants 

Scapula Necklaces

Some thing I recently expiremented with was painting on bone. Since most of my bone art consists of jewelry and I am relatively inexpirenced with acrylic paint I decided to start small and paint on some raccoon scapula and turn them into pendants.    But here is the first two of these painted scapula pendants.  I can’t wait to do more and see how this series evolves.  

New Bone Jewelry

Here are a few new pieces from my found in nature collection.


From left to right
Necklace made from raccoon ribs and agate.
Earrings made from Deer bones
Pendant made from a raccoon bacculum.

Currently I only offer my bone creations at shows. However I hope to have them available online in the future.

Outdoor adventures

This past week I have had family visiting from Germany. Luckily for me my cousin and I share the love of the outdoors. So I have taken her on a series of adventures to show her natural Florida.

There is so much inspiration and beauty right in your own back yard if you only know where to look.

Here are a some pictures from our adventures.

Hillsborough River State Park.



Weeki Wachee River




Lake Parker, Polk County






Terra Ceia Aquatic Preserve- Underwater Resource Training.


It is no secret I love being outdoors. I love seeing the different environments and ecosystems. It is this love that is reflected in my artwork and that has led me to a career in the environmental field. Last week that day job sent several of us to a training for underwater resource identification. The objective was to learn how to recognize and identify the underwater marine resources that are present in our area. This included a day on the water in Tampa Bay, and ended with a pass under the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. I was lucky that there were more than a couple of underwater cameras. I would love to use these images as part of a larger artwork sometime in the future. But for now check out some of the photos of our adventure.








Red Bellied Woodpecker Painting

There was a little momma red bellied woodpecker who visited my yard quite frequently this past season. I was rather surprised to see her hanging precariously from my seed feeder of a regular basis. As the summer went on her visits continued. One day, much to my delight she was there with her two fledgling offspring. Watching them grow brought me great joy. I look forward to their return next season.


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Circle B Bar Reserve

There is a gem of a place located off Winter Lake Road in Lakeland Florida that I had the pleasure to visiting recently. If you enjoy birding, the outdoors and Florida nature than this is the place for you. Named after a cattle ranch that once occupied the property. The Polk County Environmental Lands program acquired the property and completed several restoration projects in 2005 and 2006 to restore the land back to its historical hydrologic function. The result is an oasis of wildlife. We spent a day wandering through the oak hammock, freshwater marsh, hardwood swamp and along the shore of Lake Hancock, and still didn’t walk all of the trails. Osprey, Bald Eagle, wading birds, water fowl, and alligators were in abundance.

There is no entrance fee at the park. So, pack a lunch and don’t forget your sunscreen and camera because the opportunities to capture great photos are endless. Here are just a few that we got during our little adventure.






I can’t wait for spring. We plan on going back throughout the year to experience the changes in the flora and fauna that the different seasons bring.