Painted Bone Pendants 

Scapula Necklaces

Some thing I recently expiremented with was painting on bone. Since most of my bone art consists of jewelry and I am relatively inexpirenced with acrylic paint I decided to start small and paint on some raccoon scapula and turn them into pendants.    But here is the first two of these painted scapula pendants.  I can’t wait to do more and see how this series evolves.  

New Bone Jewelry

Here are a few new pieces from my found in nature collection.


From left to right
Necklace made from raccoon ribs and agate.
Earrings made from Deer bones
Pendant made from a raccoon bacculum.

Currently I only offer my bone creations at shows. However I hope to have them available online in the future.

Cargo Backpack.


Here is a project I did a few weeks ago using a pair of old men’s cargo pants and making a back pack. I used some leather scraps from around the house and a contrasting fabric for the straps and trim. But this afforded me to reserve the other leg for a future project.

First cut up the leg and pocket.


I used the back pocket as in inside pocket.


Sew up the bottom and run a bias of contrast across the top.





Circuit Board Business Card Holder

Wandering around Skycraft one day we found a few pieces of circuit board that was just the copper core that the green plastic stuff is built up on. So we grabbed um up and added them to our stash of awesome.

Getting ready for a show a few weeks ago and going down my checklist of things that I needed to pack I realized I couldn’t find my business card holders, and was tired of leaving cards just lying on the table. So with a pair of metal snips and the edge of the work bench as a means to get a nice straight bend I turned these…


Into these…



I just kind of eyeballed the length I needed when I made this. You will want to make the back fold first since it is the sharpest and work you was ending in the front. Any thin substance that will crease and hold it shape firmly will work.

Happy UpCycling.