Belted Kingfisher and Red Squirrel Watercolor Paintings

I have been slow to post lately but at least I have been painting. Small watercolor paintings of little critters bring me joy. They give me a place to run away to as I bring them to life.

Two of my most recent favorites are both 5×7 inches and have matting that is custom painted to coordinate perfectly.

The Belted Kingfisher sold right away but the Red Squirrel is available in my Etsy Store.



Thoughts on fan art

I sell my art at a several science fiction and fantasy conventions around Florida. These type of events are very fan centric and fan art is a major component of them. I have always been resistant to fan art for many reasons. I felt like it was selling out and I was not being true to my own art. I felt like I would be ripping off another artist or just repeating someone else’s idea. Mostly it for the most part didn’t interest me. I have so much of my own stuff in my head why should I redo others ideas.

Then I put some more thought into it. How can I make fan art work for me in a way that will help me grow my own art? Well what are some of my own artistic goals? One of my recent focus areas has been to improve accuracy in drawing and be able to better execute my faces and figures. Then it hit me. Rather than looking at the huge world of animated fandom (comic con had me thinking about cartooned characters), I would focus on movie and screenplay characters. Using movie stills as reference and try to be as accurate as possible. Viewing it as an opportunity to refine my skills and increase my accuracy. Emotion and facial expressions are characteristics that I want to master.


Currently I am watching and reading Game of Thrones, so I decided to start there. I have just finished the first in the series with Cersei Lannister. I am very pleased with how she turned out. Yes there are things I am not happy with. But if I were ever truly happy would I ever finish anything.

Now who should I draw next?

Bringing Back the Jewelry–Flower Faerie Earrings

Years ago, I started a new leg of my artistic journey by selling my original sterling silver jewelry designs. Over time the metals market and the economy fluctuated, and my interests grew I found that my creations had gotten a bit expensive, and they also lacked the challenge that they once had. I launched a new venture and starting sharing my painting with the world. My jewelry has always been available but has just not taken center stage as it once had. Recently I have felt the desire to create accessories again. I have started making whimsical pieces out of mixed metals that are funky, feminine, and affordable. My favorite are my Flower Faerie earrings and necklaces.


Bold colors and movement make these fun to make. Found objects, repurposed beads and other whimsical items are also making their way into some of the designs. Currently on my workstation are some tiny glass bottles filled with glitter, broken watch parts, and/or seeds found while hiking which will soon be featured in my designs.

I look forward to making more of my jewelry creations available soon. Check out my Etsy Store for my current selection of jewelry designs and other artwork.



Progression of a painting – Christmas Faerie

I often take Work In Progress (WIP) photos as I paint. I do this mostly because it helps me to see how a painting is progressing and isolate things that need attention early. Viewing my work in the photo allows me to remove myself from it some what and view it through fresh eyes.

Here is a series of photos as my Christmas Faerie painting progresses. The finished painting is 8×10 inches and was painted with watercolors on Hot Press paper.