100 Day Project 2018

After successfully completing my 100-day project last year where I created one tiny painting every day I decided it was time to do another.

This go-around I have registered my project with the100dayproject.com.  I have also decided to stretch my skills with dry mediums and am focusing on graphite an occasionally charcoal or colored pencils.  This project will involve at least one animal drawing or sketch every day for 100 days.  I will be drawing from live reference or photos.  Some may be sketchy others may be more rendered. 


When the project is completed I hope to take my favorite images from the project and publish them in a sketchbook, or art book.  Stronger images may be taken further with inks and watercolor, which would also be included in the art book.


Before starting I asked myself, “What do I hope to learn from this project?” So I decided to have some written goals in mind from the start.

  1. I hope to strengthen my sketching and drawing skills.  Become faster and more accurate.  So that I can capture moments spontaneously.
  2. I hope to gain a better understanding of shading and rendering.
  3. Stop looking at drawing with pencil only as a means to get just enough down to be able to paint it.  But rather better understand it as a medium itself.  Allowing pencils to be taken to a finished product on occasion.
  4. Deepen my understanding of Tonal values.  This should, in turn, strengthen my highlights and shadows when translated to my watercolor paintings.


When it came to references I wanted to be mindful regarding my source material.   I am viewing my art more and more as my own personal story.  Thus I want as much of the content as possible to be generated from my own personal experiences.

  1. Direct Observation Zoos and Aquariums
  2. Personal photos.
  3. Photos of friends who have granted permission
  4. Last resort public domain photos-especially if a study for a specific project.


What animals would you like to see me tackle during this project?

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